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Bad Salzdetfurth

The Twinning Association provides many opportunities for residents of Yate to get involved in Social Events and Twinning Trips.

Each year private, educational and municipal parties from Yate visit Bad Salzdetfurth. This has led to the formation of many links.

Yate’s twin town of Bad Salzdetfurth is an attractive spa town with many half timbered buildings surrounded by beautiful countryside and built either side of the River Leine. It has a history of salt mining and is situated 30 miles south of Hannover, which is twinned with Bristol.

Map showing Yate and Bad Salzdetfurth

You can use the map below to see where Bad Salzdetfurth is in relation to Yate. You can zoom in, out and move around the map by using the controls on the left of the map, or by double clicking on the map.

Try zooming in to get a close birdseye view of the roof tops of Bad Salzdetfurth.

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